Hi, my name is Mark Zusmanovich and I’m a husband, father of two girls, designer, writer and comics movies fan. 

I’m a Digital Marketing Designer for the past 10 years.
I’ve been working in worldwide advertising agencies like TBWA and Grey for clients like Nike, Intel, Champion Motors etc. I’ve also been creating marketing strategies and branding for small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

During the years I’ve noticed that there are some basic crucial rules that are obvious in the advertising industry but completely unfamiliar to small business owners and Intrapreneurs.
Things like choosing the right colour to provide the right emotion for the business.
Like following composition rules and guides to lead the customers' eyes to the right place. 

A lot of business owners and intrapreneurs have told me that one of their biggest problems is that their target audience thinks they look like spammy salespeople. 

That’s when I’ve decided to create "Pen to Creative" to help entrepreneurs and small businesses to brand themselves in the right way. 

This simple process makes all the difference between major corporations and newborn small businesses. 

Check out my Free Cheat Sheet: "The Right Colour": 
A quick way to find the best colour combination for any business.
This way we can create the right emotions when the audience is exposed to the brand.

About Me